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Welcome to the Conwise product page using Qualcomm chipset. You will find all known products available to us. If you don't find your product here, try looking directly into generic products on the main page.
All information obtained here comes from the analysis of INF and CAT files. This is unexpected, but even in INF files there are sometimes errors, duplicates or inconsistencies. We apologize for any shortcomings.

Qualcomm Bluetooth drivers for Conwise devices

About CONWISE Technology Corporation Ltd.

    Founded in May 1999, Conwise Technology positioned itself as the provider of wire/wireless audio transmission SOC for consumer products. To this end, Conwise devoted itself, from the time of establishment, to the research and development of DSP/RISC/MIXED MODE CODEC/audio compression algorithm and in house Bluetooth technology IP. Our initial R&D efforts concentrated on Bluetooth audio transmission products, which passed the testing by and completed registration at international Bluetooth certification institutes in 2002. At present, Conwise's Bluetooth SOC products are already used in consumer products. Taking advantage of the niche of cordless intercom systems, Conwise applied its DSP/RISC/CODEC technology in engineering the total solution integrating the hardware and software of its cordless intercom unit (CW6670), which had risen as a undisputed market leader in Europe in 2003.
    Our company name "Conwise" was coined from the combination of "Connect" and "Wise". One of our goals is to provide clients, in a cost-effective and efficient way, with competitive SOC for transmission products in the post-PC age. In keeping with this goal, Conwise is committed to offering its clients the best services possible and creating the maximum benefits for its shareholders and entire staff as the company continues to grow.

    Link: www.conwise.com.tw |

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