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2023-10-27: Added latest driver for WiFi 6/6E

  • Added Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 older series driver (WiFi 6), it is a Qualcomm Atheros Extensible Wireless LAN device driver / Qualcomm Wireless LAN Wi-FiCx Miniport Adapter for Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows 11 (64bit) in version
  • Driver v2.0.0.1086

2023-07-10: Added support for WiFi 7

  • Added new Qualcomm Wireless LAN Wi-FiCx device driver for Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows 11 (64bit) and:
    - Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 HBS Multi-link 2x2 Wi-Fi 7 Network Adapter
    - Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 Wi-Fi 7 Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) Network Adapter
    - Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 Wi-Fi 7 High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Network Adapter
    - Qualcomm WCN7851 Wi-Fi 7 High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Network Adapter
  • Latest WiFi 7 device drivers

2021-11-28: Added support for Windows 11

  • Windows 11 supported drivers:: - support for 8 WiFi HWID devices - support for 66 bluetooth HWID devices
  • Latest Windows 11 drivers

2020-12-30: Added latest drivers for 2020

  • Added latest drivers for 2020: - support for 66 bluetooth HWID - support 145 WiFi HWID - support 145 WiFi HWID
  • Latest Windows 10 drivers

2020-10-10: Added drivers for Windows XP

  • Added 15 older WiFi drivers for Windows XP (32/64 bit) and Windows Server 2003.
  • Latest XP drivers

2020-09-21: The first drivers to download!

  • You will already find several drivers to download in the "Latest Drivers" section.
  • Latest drivers

2020-07-31: PDF datasheets

  • As of today, we have launched the option to download technical documentation in PDF files.
  • PDF datasheets

2020-04-05: The site is not working yet

  • We're very sorry, but the site is still down. We are gradually adding various pages and of course we are expanding the portfolio of supported devices. We have also decided to integrate the basic discussion forum interface here.

    We currently support 313 devices and have integrated the first 82 drivers into the database (see About). Time is not good for us now, so please hold on for a while ...

2020-01-02: Site is not working yet!

  • We're very sorry, but qc-drivers.eu is now under construction. We will try to put everything into operation as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Windows 10 64bit drivers

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