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Welcome to the Belkin product page using Qualcomm chipset. You will find all known products available to us. If you don't find your product here, try looking directly into generic products on the main page.
All information obtained here comes from the analysis of INF and CAT files. This is unexpected, but even in INF files there are sometimes errors, duplicates or inconsistencies. We apologize for any shortcomings.

Qualcomm Bluetooth drivers for Belkin devices

About Belkin International, Inc.

    Belkin International, Inc. is an American manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices. Headquartered in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California,[2] it sells various consumer and commercial product lines, including routers, iPod and iPhone accessories, mobile computing accessories, surge protectors, network switches, hubs, (USB and computer network) cables, KVM switches, racks and enclosures, and other peripherals. Belkin International is the parent company for Belkin, Linksys and Wemo branded products and services, as well as the smart home water management company, Phyn.

    Belkin was founded in 1983 in California, by Steve Bellow and Chet Pipkin. In March 2013, Belkin acquired Cisco Systems' Home Networking Business Unit, including the Linksys brand and product line. On March 26, 2018, Foxconn announced its intent to acquire Belkin for US$866 million.

    Link: www.belkin.com | Wikipedia |

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