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Welcome to the Attansic product page using Qualcomm chipset. You will find all known products available to us. If you don't find your product here, try looking directly into generic products on the main page.
All information obtained here comes from the analysis of INF and CAT files. This is unexpected, but even in INF files there are sometimes errors, duplicates or inconsistencies. We apologize for any shortcomings.

Qualcomm LAN drivers for Attansic devices

About Attansic Technology Corp.

    Founded in 2000 as a majority owned subsidiary of ASUSTek Computer, Attansic Technology Corp. develops and markets innovative and cost-competitive semiconductor solutions for a broad range of PC connectivity and networking applications. Attansic’s commitment to technology excellence and superior customer service has distinguished the company as a leader in Gigabit Ethernet LAN, power management and PC peripheral solutions. Attansic has its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan and an R&D design center in Shanghai, China.

    Significant moments at Attansic:
    Q1 / 2000 - Announced First ASIC Product Line
    Q3 / 2000 - Introduced Zero Delay Clock Buffer + PCI Arbiter
    Q3 / 2000 - First Custom ASIC For ASUS
    Q1 / 2001 - Announced Parallel Port Controller
    Q4 / 2001 - Introduced Jumper Free Over Clock Controller
    Q1 / 2002 - Introduced Smart Power Controller
    Q1 / 2002 - Introduced OTPC (Over Temperature Protection Controller)
    Q2 / 2002 - Introduced OVPC (Over Voltage Protection Controller)
    Q3 / 2002 - Introduced First 16-bit MCU
    Q3 / 2003 - Introduced Power Management for AMD K8
    Q3 / 2003 - Introduced Power Management for Intel
    Q4 / 2003 - Introduced LDO Regulator
    Q1 / 2004 - Introduced DDR Bus Terminator
    Q1 / 2004 - Introduced MMC Controller
    Q4 / 2005 - Announced F1 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
    Q1 / 2006 - Announced L1 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    Q2 / 2006 - Announced L2 10/100 Ethernet Controller
    Q2 / 2006 - Announced F2 Fast Ethernet Transceiver
    Q3 / 2006 - Attansic Technology was acquired by Qualcomm Atheros

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