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List of two WiFi devices with AR5001A chipset

List of all available devices for AR5001A ()

In the following list you will find one or more WiFi devices with chipset AR5001A (802.11a). If more than one device is available, view their list in detail and select the desired device. The number of known hardware IDs (HWIDs) for each device is shown in parentheses on the right.
The AR5001A Second-Generation 802.11a Solution comprises two low-power chips, each of which rely exclusively on standard-process CMOS. As a result, the chip set delivers reliable, cost-effective connectivity. The chipset includes AR5211 (Multiprotocol MAC/baseband processor) and AR5111 (5-GHz Radio-on-a-Chip). Atheros second-generation 802.11a technology includes the second-generation implementation of the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation scheme with 15 advances in OFDM radio design. As the modulation scheme for both 802.11a and the draft 802.11g standards, OFDM is key to high-performance wireless networking.

List of available WiFi devices with AR5001A chipset

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